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This is my English startpage of my (sub) website about plants. The startpage of my total website is Fred Triep's homepage


The "Hortuskrant" (in the past "Plantage Hortus") is a newspaper, which is published four times a year through the institution "Stichting Interimbeheer Hortus Botanicus" in cooperation with the association "Friends of the Hortus". For that newspaper I write regularly articles. In the rear I shall publish these articles also on this website, after they have been published in the newspaper. All the articles are written in Dutch, but maybe in the future they will be translated.

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In the section "De plant van Fred" the following articles have been published :


Other articles of me on the "The Botany Website" are :

Other articles of me in the "Hortuskrant" Other Botanical articles on "The Botany Website", that have not been published in the "Hortuskrant"
Digital flora's, made by me Other digital flora's
  • The digital mountain flora of Scandinavie
    Photos and descriptions of plants, from which I made pictures in Norway, Sweden and Iceland 
    (from oktober 2005)
  • The digital flora of South Africa new, since January 2012!
  • The digital mountain flora of the Alps expected!
  • The digital flora of the western states of the US  expected!
  • The digital flora of Tropical plants  expected!

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